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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Old timers will recall the Peoples brewery on Lalor and Lamberton Streets as it appeared back in the early to mid 20th century. The last time I heard from that brewery it morphed into the Metropolis Brewery and reduced its capacity with malt liquor.


Omad said...

Tom, Didn't they eventually produce Champale? They were around the corner from my grandparents on Second St and I recall everyone used to laugh at the idea of Delaware River water in the fancy Champale.

Michael said...

Tom: From the look of the cars, I would think that this photo was taken in the early to mid 30's.
My first car was a 32 Chevie 2 door,and those in the photo resemble it. Many a night I drove past these buildings in my Chevie on the way to the Marine terminal with any one of my girl friends to watch the "Submarine races" LOL
Omad is right, they did produce Champale, but it was nothing "fancy". It was actually beer juiced up with a different taste than beer. Much like the hybird products of today.
When the Brewery finally went out of business, the brewing, and bottling equipment were dismantled and shipped to Isreal for a start up brewery there.

Fond memories once again thanks to you.

Mike Kuzma

SJBill said...

Peter Krupa's Boar Yard is next to the telephone pole.

Just past the brewery was some old decaying concrete structure that we used to dive from in the refreshing clean waters of the Delaware River.

In the 50s and early 60s there were a load of small beer labels produced here. IIRC, some were Met Brau, Old Stock and Old Trenton Lager.

A great pic, Tom! Thanks to R. C. Maxwell.