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Monday, November 14, 2011


I remember Perawel very well. During the early 1950's I was a near daily visitor to the Mueller Machine Shop in Trenton's Wilbur section. Perawel was located on the first block North Logan Avenue. The "BUSINESSES AND FACTORIES" folder in the Hamilton Library's Local History Collection has only two files relating to that venerable old trucking firm which joined Kirby and Kirby, AAA, Lavigne trucking companies into obscurity. This post is in response to a recent request from Ed Millerick, a regular visitor who wrote:

Hi Tom! I had been trying to find information of what I recall as "Perawell" off the North Logan and East State area. The property ran back along the tracks to the north so it may have entered Bromley. Possibly a rubber or trucking company along the main line of the Pennsy and it was my "playground" growing up. It may have been Perewell? My searches reveal nothing. Imagine playing along the main line from 4 to 7 years old. We used to sneak food to the hobo jungle down there despite admonishments from Mom. Fun was putting a few pennies on the track and waiting and of course you held an ear to each track to find a train coming.

Ed Millerick

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom! It was an experience living but a few homes from the main line of the Pennsy. In addition to the soot from the steamers my dad would scrub the "secret signs" left by the hobos. Mom was an easy mark for a sandwich or a few cents change.

Again, thank you!

Ed Millerick