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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


From my "KUSER FAMILY RELATED" folder in the Hamilton Library's Local History Collection, this article that brings back memories on a number of counts: Do you fellow members of wrinkle city remember how we brought in a nickel, dime, quarter or sometimes even 50 cents to school on "Red Cross Day" and were given one of the buttons seen in the graphic above? As to the graphic itself, the photo of Martha Howe Corey (sister of Edna Kuser) shakes loose memories of the many Sunday nights Don Slabicki and I spent at the farm setting up the chairs in the Kuser Theater after a Sunday night dinner. All of the Howe ladies were very active in civic matters. I remember Edna was very active in the local Junior League. I also recall the day Don Slabicki and I chauffeured Charlie and Inez Howe Howell around the Pennington area during his re-election campaign. Edna was a die hard Democrat and I recall that Fritz leaned more toward the elephant, except on the local political level.

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