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Saturday, October 01, 2011


Over the past few years I have been encapsulating and digitizing the John Cleary/Harry Podmore "Trenton in Bygone Days" articles. Many years ago I checked the Trenton Library's collection of these articles and found that they were pasted into scrapbooks where over the years the paste that was used wrinkled the pages into a "corrugated" state. I wouldn't be surprised if my collection is unique in that the originals lend themselves to pristine digital copies as seen above. Microfilm was not the answer. In all my years working with Fred
Kuser's "Simplex Acme" 35 millimeter movie projectors, I learned that constant passage of the film through the sprockets, and past the lamp house on those projectors, caused the very fragile film to develop irritating scratches when projected on the screen. It is the same with microfilm. Constant motions going forward and rewinding of the film reels take an unfortunate toll on the article or image, resulting in unsightly vertical lines and scratches.

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