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Monday, September 12, 2011


I have been searching for many years for information on the very elusive Hamilton Township Civil War site, Camp Olden. My search over these 35-plus years has given tantalizing hints, but never any real information as to the boundaries of what was once a sizable military camp with a tent city and street names of noted local Civil War persons. A very big break came in the 1980's when Kuser Road's "Freedom Village" was established. As indicated in the graphic above, the site was definitely involved in military activity. The late Al Jarvis, Bill Opferman and I spent many hours on the site when contractors graded 6 inches or more topsoil. We found many 58 caliber lead "3 ringers" a number of mini balls, camp utensils, etc. Over these many years I have been metal detecting in the area from the original Kuser Home across from the Colonial Fire Company, and various areas in the neighborhood. I am currently detecting in another venue closer to the Hamilton Avenue Lawton Homestead. The search goes on, and I am un-deterred, even though the only hand drawn map of the camp which was submitted to a local Trenton newspaper could not be printed due to the fact that the newspaper didn't have the ability to reproduce graphics!

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