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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Above is a photo of the sign announcing my 2011 summer concert series which was placed at the intersection of Newkirk and Leonard Avenues back in the late spring by the folks at the Hamilton Township sign shop. Were it not for Jessica Robinson Purdy in the department of recreation, this program would not have been possible. Many thanks to Walt Hughes from Hamilton Buildings and Grounds, and loyal attendee Joe Battiste, both of whom took the time to help me with setting up and dismantling the equipment. Thanks also to Foreman "Bobby DiPastina" and the guys at Kuser Park for the use of the township staple gun to post my "PARKING" signs which effectively led people away from parking along the roadway. This year, and throughout these many years, there has always been a question of publicity. I am in a strange situation along that line. I do have my "Sentimental Journey" Trenton Times column to publicize the event, but there are many citizens who opt for other news sources. This website and are also publicity sources, but unfortunately the majority of visitors in the over 70 generation are not into computing. I did see public service listings for the event in the Times in 8 point type. For for those of us who are "optically challenged," it was largely overlooked by senior citizens and those approaching senior status. Were I more financially endowed, I would have placed small 1 or 2 column inch display ads in the local press which would have undoubtedly added to the number of attendees at the park. My thanks to Allie Ward and Joe Emanski at for the nice article published in last month's edition of the "HAMILTON POST.". Many visitors read that article and attended the events. Overall, attendance was very satisfactory before a very appreciative audience. Even though these past summer Sundays were in the mid to high 90's, we got by without a rain cancellation. Those in attendance were what I call "folks in the nickel seats" who are music lovers, and really enjoy 2 hours of listenable, singable, but most importantly, spiritually uplifting music. To all who followed these musical programs over the years, thanks! It has been fun. For me, it was the comments I received from the WWII veterans and numerous members of the "Greatest Generation" who attended over those weeks. They told me how they enjoyed "their" music. For them it was a spiritually uplifting experience as they recalled the era in which they grew up. They are the reason for this volunteer effort. May God bless them.

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