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Saturday, July 09, 2011


When I was a boy building "stick" model airplanes, one of my favorite models and as it turned out, one of my best was my model of the Luscombe "Silvaire." While most boy model builders focused on the very popular Piper "Cub," my fascination was with the locally built "Silvaire." How I wish I had kept that model that I worked on so hard back in the 1940's! It was one of the few that I built that actually flew true blue when I wound up that rubber band and lofted it into the air. Little has been written about Don Luscombe's aircraft plant over in West Trenton. This Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser feature with the page 2 continuation added to the right, will prove to be a "bear" in order to read the huge graphic, will undoubtedly be of interest to future aircraft historians, and others such as I who was completely absorbed with my devotion to my model "Silvaire."

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