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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ewingville: In earlier years it was known as "Cross Keys." It was located off Pennington Road just north of the College of New Jersey's sprawling real estate and in the area of Carlton Avenue. To paraphrase a 1947 article in the Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser, "Ewingville, at the crossroads just above State Teachers College at Hillwood Lakes was quite a center for sports enthusiasts around 1830..."

The last I heard of this structure was 50 years ago when one of the Tilton family hired on as a delivery driver for the now defunct Trenton Bearings Company a1 1812 North Olden Avenue. At the time, Don Tilton's family was living in the building. Can any knowledgeable Ewing visitor update us on the current Ewingville Hotel? If so, please send your comments for publication.
Note: These exquisite engravings are from an 1875 Ewart and Stewart Mercer County Atlas in my collection.

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Mary Ellen said...

Regarding the Ewing Hotel, my husband's grandmother & step-grandfather, Viola & Harry Barber, owned the Ewing Lodge/store in the 1940's & maybe 50's and lived upstairs. Marty can remember having Thanksgiving dinner there & sneaking downstairs to get into the ice cream.
I have a photo for you which was probably taken after they lived there. I remember stopping there when I was a kid and when they tore it down to make way for the 7-11.
Mary Ellen