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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Civil War enthusiasts would love to attend the auction at the Trenton Barracks! As is apparently always the case, after the conflict, we found ourselves with an overage of inventory of military equipment. I experienced that at the end of World War II when millions of surplus military materiel were sold for consumption or salvage. I particularly recall a farmer in Columbus New Jersey stocking up on hundreds of military surplus items including a Grumman Avenger! As I recall his last name was Michaelchuk. I pass the farm field on which he stored the material as I travel Route 206 south.


Wayne Sanderson said...

My Father related to me a story of his youth in the 50's- There was a rumor going around that if you could come up with $50, there was this guy who would sell you a war surplus army motorcycle new in the crate. Dad and a friend got the money togeher and set out to find the guy with the bikes... and never did.
Years later, living in Columbus, we watched and marveled at the items being auctioned at the Mahalachek boneyard- And suddenly, Dad realized it- There were dozens of WWII surplus mototcycles, still in crates, being auctioned- This was the guy they never found! Those bikes didn't go for any measly 50 bucks that day!

Tom Glover said...

Hi Wayne:

I pass by that spot on Route 206 every week enroute to my daughter in Tabernacle. Michaelchuk had everything under the sun on that big open field on 206 North. Even a Grumman Avenger at one time. He was forced to clean up the property and there was a big confrontation as I recall. He finally had to give up.

Tom Glover