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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Back in the 1980s when I had younger eyes, I was hooked on using the pen and ink media to represent some of our local historic places. The above engraving is one of those that I did for the Mercer Messenger in my "THE WAY WE WERE" column. Only those who are in one way or another involved with drawing or painting can understand the strange, almost ethereal emotions one experiences as his or her work develops. As I drew that old historic edifice, I could actually fell that I was a part of the scene as I pictured the old building as it looked from a bystander's position on the White Horse-Sandtown Road.
Note that I mentioned the soldiers coming from South Trenton (Camp Perrine.) It was more likely that they most of them came up Pond Run Road (today's Kuser Road) to the Sandtown Road to visit the old tavern. At the time this article was written in 1982, I hadn't yet discovered the ever mysterious Camp Olden. White Horse back then was just across numerous farm fields from the Camp Olden area.

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