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Monday, May 09, 2011


What a gorgeous car! The '57 Chevys have captured the imagination of many of my contemporaries, but when I look back on all the gorgeous American cars we had access to back in the 40's and 50's, I think of the many auto marques that I lusted for. Let's see, there were the daring new designed late 40's Studebakers, the "step down" Hudsons, the very deluxe Nash Ambassador, the distinctive but out of my league the 1947 Lincoln Continental with that "Continental" spare tire and the equally distinctive advertising slogan, "Nothing Could Be Finer!" and what about that gorgeous Chrysler "New Yorker," or the Ford "Country Squire" station wagons paneled with real hardwood ash? How I miss those great old cars that had bumpers on them that bumped without destroying the entire front end of a car! Unlike today's "cookie cutter" designs, we could identify each and every auto by sight. Dick "Mousey" Wilson's 1946 Dodge convertible will ever be in my memory as it slid into a vacant parking spot at Betty & Bill's on Route 33; what class!

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