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Thursday, April 14, 2011


In 1909 Hamilton Fire Company celebrated a centennial. The company was formed way back in 1909 when Hamilton was a very rural area. Indeed, the Bromley section as we know it today, was just beginning to become an area of interest to those who wanted to move over the city line at Greenwood and South Logan avenue and settle in what would become known as the Bromley section of Hamilton. These folks are the critical firefighters who cover to the city line an area that encompasses my 320 Atlantic Avenue home. Whenever that alarm sounds, those familiar gray fire trucks roll by in mere minutes protecting life and property. A closer look at the various graphics in the vignette will show penned in dates. Most of these graphics came from my Hamilton Township Scrapbook and not all of them indicate the source which is usually the Trenton Times ("TT") or the Times' sister paper, the Daily State Gazette.

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