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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The article above has been extracted from a 25 year old "THE WAY WE WERE" column which I wrote for the late, great, Mercer Messenger. It is subject most of my fellow residents of "wrinkle city" will fondly remember! There are very few of those distinguished seniors who hasn't at one time or another plopped down a penny or perhaps a few hard-earned pennies and punched out a dot or two on the old punch board. When you punched out that little quarter inch round dot, your opened it and found a name on it. In the column to the right of the board was an alphabetical list of names. I happened to punch out "Mary Lou" as I wrote in the article above. I went to "Mary Lou" and wrote in "Tommy Glover;." and waited anxiously for the rest of the board to be punched. Then came the magic day. That big RED seal you see on the punch board was a very large "dot." When Nellie McEwan opened it.....MARY LOU! I won! No, not that Lone Ranger gun as you see in the punch board illustrated. I won 25 cents worth of penny candy! 25 cents! One of those little brown penny candy bags filled to the top! BOLSTERS, PINWHEELS, KITS CARAMELS, BANANA BATS, ALL DAY SUCKERS, NON PARIELS, GRADE "A", MARY JANES, and too many others to list.

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