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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Just now I am going through my growing "SCHOOLS, TRENTON" folder in the Local History Digital database. I had wanted so much to be a teacher when I was a boy, but Mom and Pop Glover couldn't affore the $900 tuition at Ewing's Trenton State Teachers College. Even though I never made the grade, historical information on our early schools holds a special fascination for me. From the quaint one room school houses of the 19th century, to the evolution of the larger "neighborhood schools" in the early 20th century, one will find many school references on this website.
(Of course, My Kuser School, and Hamilton High School web sites reflect my personal affection for both of those local institutions of learning. ( and )
The beautiful old building still stands on Tyler Street in the city of Trenton. Its neighbor, the old Trenton High School was located diagonally across the "lots" on Greenwood and Chestnut Avenue. This article gives a detailed description of the building as it was proposed in the 1906 article above. It would be interesting to learn how many changes have taken place over the past century.
An interesting history of Carroll Robbins, for whom the school was named, can be found at

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