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Friday, January 07, 2011


As you can see, I wrote this article in 1995 (21 years ago!). I have shaded the ongoing dispute as to who held the first Decoration Day parade in Hamilton. Those from the Square say they did, and those from Groveville claim the earliest date. The insert in the lower right of the graphic is a cut and paste of the earliest date I have found to date, but the search will go on. As you will realize as you read the article, Hamilton has really changed over these many years, from a rural farming community with huge farms, to the megalopolis we are in this year of 2011 with around 90,000 citizens,

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Gary Lippincott said...

Ironton, Ohio lays claim to the nation's oldest continuously running Memorial Day parade, it has been a tradition since 1868. The first parade was held May 5, 1868.
The Groveville - Yardville Memorial Day Parade was first held in May of 1870, we celebrated the 140th anniversary, this year,2010, could this mean that we are the second oldest parade in the country, I am sure we may be the oldest continuing in the state. I am still searching for an older parade.

The Keeler Guards refered to in this article may have something to do with Ezra W. Keeler, owner of the mill at this time.