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Friday, January 28, 2011


The above article was written back in 1983 when Trenton Transit was celebrating an anniversary. As I once again look at my pen and ink drawing of Trenton Transit "L-9," when my eyes were those of a 50 year old! Hopefully when I get my next eye exam, I will once again be able to etch in those very fine pen and ink lines with my Staedtler pen. All of my old time Trenton natives each has his or her memories of the Trenton Transit bus that covered their neighborhood. I hope this post will spur a few visitors to remember their experiences with this vintage transportation company. Trenton was a real treat to those of us "hicks" from rural Hamilton who took a memorable ride to downtown Trenton before the advent of malls.

Speaking of memorable downtowns: At the advancing age of 77, I still harbor incredibly clear memories of the Trenton of my youth. Recent news of the Roman Catholic Diocesan Bishop leaving the city of Trenton for the suburbs has caused quite a controversy in some quarters. To me, it is quite understandable that His Excellency moves to the suburban Lawrenceville. My understanding of that decision lies in the fact that I Live within 2 blocks of the city of Trenton, Numerous people comment that the area of Bromley which has been our home for 50 years, like the Western section and nuerouse areas of Trenton, is no longer the area it was when we purchased our Atlantic Avenue home back in the early 1960's. On the other hand, when I received the news that the immensely popular annual St. Patrick's Day parade was being moved to Hamilton Township, I looked at it as another nail in the coffin of a grand old town that is trying so valiantly to move up to its former glory. Politics aside, Judy and I will be active supporters of that group of loyal Trentonians who will continue the custom of a Trenton St. Patrick's Day parade, even though it may not be as huge as the original parade. Additionally, it will be a pleasure to once again greet one of my favorite Priests, Father Danny Cahill, a dear friend of the Glover family when he was an Associate at St. Anthony's parish.

The above are my personal opinions, and mine alone.

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