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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh yes.....I remember it well. I suspect that there are not too many visitors to this blog who were around during World War II. For the younger set I recall how we flattened tin cans for the war effort. First we removed the paper  labels, washed any remaining food residue from the lid and interior of the can, opened the bottom of the can, inserted the 2 lids into the cylindrical can, stepped on it,and voila! Another bit of scrap for Uncle Sam to transform into reusable metal for war materiel. I also remember walking all over the neighborhood picking up discarded cigarette packs and gum wrappers, removing the foil lining by soaking the backing paper off, and rolling the foil into a round ball. At one point, I had a heavy "lead foil" ball of around 3 inches. Finally, I remember my Mom doing her part with a large coffee can on top of our kerosene stove. (no gas or electric for the Glover family back then, just that smelly old relic).After she fried eggs, bacon, or any greasy, fatty food, she drained the excess fat into the coffee can and saved it for the war effort. The glycerin in the grease was an integral part of the manufacture of explosives. Ahh, the memories!

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