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Saturday, January 22, 2011

1938 (Circa) Interstate Garage, 1021 E. State Street Trenton (Wilbur section)

White flight in the 1960's and 70's has changed the character of the Wilbur section of Hamilton. Father Brian McCormick's MARTIN HOUSE, and many selfless volunteers have been doing an incredible job in their efforts to restore one of Trenton's historic communities. For many years, Deacon and friend Bill Wilson gave hours of his time with his expertise as a master carpenter.  The graphic above  is an old ink blotter from the "BUSINESSES-FACTORIES" folder. The view below shows where the Inter State business was located.

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Michael said...


Yo0ur mentioning Fr. Brian, and Billy Wilson caught my eye.
While with NJ Department of Community Affairs, I, along with Asst. Commissioner Art Lewis arranged for a $50,000 seed money grant. I vividly recall sitting on the couch in Fr. Brians office, and the springs sticking me in the rear end. He was ( I assume he is still with us) a very humble hard working man. And "Father" Bill is not only a outstanding craftsmand, but in my estimation the epitomy of a Christian Gentleman.
After leaving Government, and having a success run at business, I was in a postion to donate 15 building lots to Fr. Brian and Martin House, know sure well that they would be put to good use for the benefit of the needy.
Please pass along my good wishes to Fr. Brian, and "Fr. Bill. ( and Ceil too)