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Monday, November 01, 2010


I was a "Social Conservative" when I was a young man of 25. Here I am at the golden age of 77 and now I am  more conservative. I was outraged when the courts awarded a woman many dollars for burning herself with a hot cup of coffee which she had stored between her legs while she was apparently driving a car. From the court's stupid vantage point, MacDonald's should have known better than to serve hot coffee without warning her that it was hot. She should have been warned that it was hot! (DUH!)
When I read accounts such as detailed in the article above, I can't imagine being one of the 5 who overturned the conviction of the animal detailed in the article. The constitution should be modified to erase such miscarriages of justice. As it is, the parents of that child must live with the fact that a constitutional error takes precedence over the beastly rape and murder death of a child. Why not a constitutional amendment drafted and passed suggesting that the police officer who UNWITTINGLY committed the constitutional error did so never imagining that his conversation would be the key to a criminal's exoneration? Speaking of mis-carriage of justice, the untouchable Hollywood divas and other celebrities get away with outrageous activity that would land we common folk in jail.
The  above tirade is my personal opinion.  
(From another of those ignorant Constitutionally ignorant Conservatives.)

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