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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The above article brings back bittersweet memories to those of us who loved those high school social events. Though no one can accuse me of being a great dancer, I still loved the social intercourse with my fellow classmates at those Saturday night canteens at Hamilton High. I have intentionally highlighted a word that is fast vanishing from our 21st century societal lexicon: "WHOLESOME!" We have been bombarded with wholesome foods, but sadly lacking in applying the word to our social world. Today, the Saturday night dance is fading into oblivion. Indeed, I understand a number of schools have opted out of that great social custom because of rowdy fighting and behavior, drugs, and alcohol.It was at these social clubs and high school organizations that I and my contemporaries learned social courtesy and etiquette. I, and many of my aforementioned contemporaries still hold the car door open for our wives, walk on the outside of the pavement when we go for a stroll, and many other social amenities that have survived the years. How grateful I am for that informal education!

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