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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


This graphic illustrates how much the area has changed over the years from a middle sized Trenton and sparsely settled Hamilton into the present day, As one of the many Anglo-Saxons who respect the heritage of Chambersburg, The article above has many names that are familiar to me on a personal basis. Nello Bencivengo, the father of Niel and Alex Bencivengo, were Atkins Avenue neighbors. In fact, Alex was a dear friend and one of our local Plaag's Grove sand lot shortstops. Additionally, Nello was a frequent sidekick with my father,back in my father's horse racing days. And of course, to those readers familiar with my numerous school crushes, Madeline, although not mentioned in the article above was also a Bencivengo who had my heart aflutter back in my teen years, along with her sister, Carol, and of course our own Mayor John Bencivento. In addition, I see Pete Ercoli, whom I met many years ago when he was a foreman at American Steel and Wire Company on Hamilton Avenue. Gene Melone is probably Trenton Councilman Gino Melone's father, but I can't verify that. Stephen Kovacs' son Steve and his late wife, Sharon were  fellow communcants at St. Anthony Parish when I was a member of that church. Moving over to the more obscure possibilities, Maurice Rossi was in all likelihood the same "Mo Rossi" who with Joe Belina and Mayor Jack Rafferty were instrumental in accepting my offer to set up a local history collection at the Hamilton Township Public Library.