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Friday, October 01, 2010


We all had one or more teachers who exerted a life-long influence on us. Miss Margerum was one of three that I had during my years in the Hamilton School system. Along with Ruth, Margaret Gaydos and Louise Baird brought the wonderful world of music and dramatics into my life. I am forever grateful. I really pains me when I hear that there are a number of schools across the nation considering dropping these two extremely important social subjects due to financial constraints; especially when I consider the negative position of the teachers' unions to refuse to sacrifice for their students,.

This photo was scanned from a very small contact print. I used "max" dots per inch setting and even then when the photo was enlarged from the original size of the image (about 3/8 of an inch), you will note some "noise in Miss Margerum's facial area. The background also had noise, but it has been filled with a soft gray pallet.

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