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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You have silver in your hair if you remember this very popular dairy which resided on Parkway Avenue in Ewing Township. The "Benny and Betty" in the photo were of the couple who performed acrobatic idiocy atop the Stacy Trent Hotel in downtown Trenton. installed a tall 100 foot pole on the roof of the Stacy Trent hotel with a small platform where they did dancing and other acrobatic daredevil stunts.  
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Mike Kuzma said...

Scotty Ryan ran the dairy, and was the father of Dr. Bill Ryan, an old Trenton Catholic classmate of mine. Bill passed away in the past year or so. The bottling plant was on Parkway Ave. but the farm was on Rt. 31 Essentially the first property in Hopewell Township just over the line from what is now I-95. The farm was purchased, and developed by K Hovnanian as "Brandon Farms"

Best Wishes
Mike Kuzma

Lois said...

We had milk delivered by Ryan's Dairy back in the 40's/50's. We lived in Washington Crossing, Pa at that time.