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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Protestant Episcopal church played an important part in my early childhood. I was baptized in St. Michael's Church in Trenton, and spent my teen years at St. James P.E. Church during the ministry of Rev. Gerald Minchin. I made a lateral move from the "High Episcopal" (today's "Anglican Church?) to the Roman Catholic faith shortly after I got married in 1954. I still see remarkable similarities between the two faiths. "High Episcopal" as used above was a term I heard in my young years at St. James. My father, Thomas Eli Glover, came to America from Great Britain in 1912. When he settled in Trenton became a member of Christ Episcopal Church on Hamilton and Whittaker Avenues in Trenton. In 1923, he and my mother, Alice Mount wed in that church. Unfortunately, a schism developed at Christ Episcopal back in the 1960's and the Glover family backed out of the church, opting for the more conservative "Anglican" persuasion. Today's beutiful Trinity Cathedral stands as a monument to the steadfast faith of those whose families attended that church from its original location on Academy Street to the present magnificent facility on West State Street.

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