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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Were it not for the venerable and "always there" Trenton Times newspaper and their cousins the Daily State Gazette and Daily True American, there would be no True, I have a large collection of old historic data that relates to the local area, but anyone who is historically inclined will agree that old newspapers are among the best recorders of local history.
The Trenton Times has been a daily visitor in the Glover household for nearly 100 of its 128 year existence.Lately we have been hearing stories of the demise of the daily newspaper as it becomes the victim of computer digital technology. I am not the only one who will not buy into that theory. True, digital delivery of the news on the computer is convenient, but like the current "Kindle" craze, nothing takes the place of the genuine article. For as long as I can remember, I have poured that first cup of coffee, that frosty glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, lit up my "FT" filter cigar,  and sat down to read my morning newspapers; heavenly contentment, and a wonderful way to start the day! The Trenton Times was on the Glover table long before that 1946 strike that spawned the sometimes crude and impudent "in your face" daily tabloid, "The Trentonian."

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Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: My parents always read "The Trenton Times'' -- the managing editor lived next door on Carteret Avenue. But, it was "The Trentonian'' that fired my love of journalism. It took me on as a intern when I was at THS. I still remember climbing the stairs to the newsroom and knowing instantly, that I was "home.'' It was messy, noisy and exciting. I worked 35 years for two major NE dailies and have not regretted one day of my decision to be a reporter. The Eagle-Tribune in North Andover, MA, my home for 32 years, won two Pulitzers and is having a hard time keeping readers. I too cannot imagine living without my daily.