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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Borrowing from that famous "SEPTEMBER SONG" from the Broadway musical, "KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY," I note that my volunteer summer concerts are winding down. We were rained out on Sunday July 25th, but a number of folks still showed up and were confronted with "EVENT CANCELED; WET GROUNDS" signs on the entrance ways to Kuser Park and on the center post of the gazebo. Rain left the platform on the gazebo wet, and I wasn't about to ground myself with a microphone and an amplifier. "Tom Glover Electrocuted?" No way! However, even though the weather again threatened on Sunday afternoon, August 1st, I journeyed over, and with my son Tom's able assistance, at 5:30, we set up for another Sunday afternoon of music and nostalgia. At quarter to 6 it was just Tom Glover, the Kuser Farm birds, and no audience. Along came Kuser Farm Foreman, Bobby DePastina who along with his lovely little daughter, hauled the green benches into the performance area and placed the benches. At 6 PM there was no one there. I was prepared to carry all the equipment back to storage, but decided to wait 5 or 10 minutes. One by one, cars arrived to see if there was to be a song fest. Two cars, then three, then slowly folks began to arrive to see if we were a "go." A little after six, I welcomed the very few stalwarts who aren't intimidated by the weather, and began the program. By 6:30 or perhaps 6:45, cars began to arrive and by actual count, 15 cars arrived and as they say in that Broadway slogan, "The Show Must Go On!" And it did. It turned out to be a lovely evening, and those 35 or so attendees really enjoyed the music we grew up with. Next week, weather permitting, I will once again set up my digital musical orchestra, and we will embark on week 6 of music for a summer night at Kuser Farm Park. I hope to see you there!

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