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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ms. Sally Lane has devoted countless hours to researching and publishing fascinating and little known stories of persons, places, and things in the early history of Trenton. Along with the writings of John Cleary, Harry Podmore, Franklin S. Mills, and other Trenton historians, I have accumulated numerous files on the many fascinating Trenton stories Sally brought to readers of both the Times and the Trentonian over the years. The above article from the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection is found in the digital "MARKETS-TRENTON" folder, preserved for posterity. There will be more of Sally's informative articles in future posts.

Note: The article above included a photo of the Washington Market. Unfortunately, the page was somewhat mutilated and I have removed it. If you use the "SEARCH BLOG" feature at the top left of the home page, type in Washington Market. click on the little magnifying glass, you will find an earlier photo which I posted some time back. The results of your search will appear under the home page graphic.

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