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Monday, August 16, 2010


Thanks to Ms. Barbara Eckert Baggott for this, and numerous other photos taken by my classmate, Bill Baggott III. Bill was the stalwart anchor of our boys' singing groups, whether in the barbershop music we sang, or any other performance that required very close harmony. Keith Kauffman and Bob Thompson added their booming bass voices to our splendid musical presentations while Lee Belardino and Bill Baggott took on the 1st and 2nd tenor duties. George Mozer and I carried the baritone duties. Not shown in the photo is the late Clark Perry; another quality tenor voice. How I miss those many hours of wonderful music we made! Through all these years right up to the present day, Hamilton High School, along with Steinert and Nottingham, have succeeded in providing high quality vocal music programs led by vocal music teachers who demand and receive musical excellence.

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JoeZ said...

Great picture Tom, must bring back great memories as all old pictures do. I knew Mr. Baggott as a customer when I worked at the men's shop on South Broad St. Very nice man.