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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Unfortunately, my Sunday, July 25 Kuser music program was a complete washout. I am quite aware that these summer storms come and go quite rapidly. Around 3:30 or so, as the clouds thickened in the west, I knew that there would be a period of rain. There sure was! I made up a few "EVENT CANCELED; WET GROUNDS" signs, but wasn't really sure I would need them. At 5PM, I drove over to the park with the signs, not sure that I would use them. It was still drizzling, but the skies to the west were brightening and I knew that before long the sun would be shining, it cooled down considerably, and as I walked around the grassy area I noted that the grass was quite wet in the shady area under the trees where visitors sit. A trip to the gazebo sealed the deal. The floor was still holding puddles from the torrential rain. Having a bit of experience in radio-TV, and computers and the hazards attending them, I decided to cancel the program. I wasn't about to stand on a damp or wet wooden floor holding a mike and diddling with sound controls in a hazardous environment. 200 pound guys like me holding a microphone makes a great electrical conductor!
The "EVENT CANCELED; WET GROUNDS" signs were posted on the two entrances to the park and also on the center column of the gazebo. Being quite familiar with the wonderful folks who attend my programs, I know that there were a number who went to see if the program was on. Sorry to have disappointed you, but we'll be back in what I understand is to be a very nice weekend.
(Weather permitting in fickle Central Jersey, of course!)

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