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Monday, July 26, 2010


Woodward's Mill, Morris Mill, Keeler's, and who knows how many other textile mills operated in the fascinating and historic village of Groveville?
It would be like taking a trip to New England back in the early part of the 20th century, if one were to journey to the village of Groveville to the Morris Mills. For me, this hearkens back to "Carousel," the Broadway musical and one of my favorite movies, wherein pretty Julie Jordan gets mixed up with Billy Bigelow, who entices her away from working at the local textile mill. Even as the management of that New England mill tried to keep their female employees on the correct moral tract, I wonder if the same mentality was carried out down in Groveville. I suspect that it was. Be that as it may, the above story is interesting as we look back at an era that can never return; an era when the U.S.A. proudly manufactured our shoes, shirts, dresses, and other articles now given over to foreign manufacturers. The textile mills of America and Groveville, played a major part in supplying America long before "Made in U.S.A." was replace with "Made in China," "Taiwan," "Indonesia," etc.

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