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Monday, July 19, 2010


"Hi Tom,
What a great time we had at kuser park last night!
Thank's again for another great job!!
Betty and family"

Last night's "Musicale"
at Kuser Park was a slam dunk. (I refrain from using the term, "Concert;" a term that is associated with professionals, which I am not.)

The field was filled with cars and there was a really nice crowd who came out. Above is a message I received this morning in my web site guest book. It was just one of the MANY favorable comments I gratefully received from a very receptive and active audience. To those who chose not to come due to the 90-degree heat, once again, refreshing breezes waftied over the seated area. Not so in that sun-bathed gazebo! I was literally drenched through to my skin by time the program ended. It was a wonderful evening and worth every ounce of perspiration spent with a wonderful group of local citizens. Thanks for coming out. See you this Sunday at 6!

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