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Saturday, July 03, 2010


The Glover and Slabicki family received a unique Christmas card every year from Edna and Fritz Kuser. The above card was sent to me when I was over in Italy doing my hitch with the U.S. Army. The Kuser tennis court was once listed as one of the finest clay courts in the state of New Jersey. As I recall, it was built in 1914 by a gentleman who was a noted tennis authority whose name I believe was Maurice McLaughlin. During the time the Kuser family owned the property, the tennis court was kept in pristine condition. Indeed Fritz and the boys from the Kuser Farm Tennis Club would wince at the idea of using vinyl tape for the lines. A white lime dispensing machine was used before and after each use of the court. The present financial crisis has resulted in abandonment of the court by local tennis players, and it is presently there to serve as another historic and popular spot used by the Kuser family in years gone by.

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