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Friday, July 09, 2010

1941: John A. Roebling Galvanizing Plant,,Hamilton Township

The above graphic shows an aerial view of the area described in the 1941 article from the Library's "ROEBLING" file regarding a fire at the Roebling Galvanizing plant. This post is in response to Mr. Dave Briegel, who was looking for information on the Roebling-Hamilton connection. I would guess that this is the "Lalor Street Plant" that you referred to, Dave.

From Dave Briegel:

I live off of Lalor. A debate has been going round. Can anyone help! There was for a time, a John Roebling "Lalor Street Plant". I believe it to have been on the Hamilton side of Lalor across from the current Lalor Plaza Shopping Center along the railroad siding. Another local believes it to have been on the site of the shopping center. My recollection tells me that the shopping center site was a pottery, not Roebling.
We are aware of the Buckthorne Plant of Roebling which now is the Metro Center of Nexus Properties off Jersey Street on the Trenton side.
Can anyone help! And if so, does any kind of map,.... exist that could provide a visual.



Thanks for the lead regarding Lalor Street Plant of Roebling and Sons. With your info, an aerial photo from a Roebling catalogue, and a drive down Hewitt Street, I believe the issue to have been settled. In fact if you drive down Hewitt Street you will still find the concrete foundation wall, a few red brick courses, and a stairway identified as a "North Side Warehouse". And from the aerial photo, a railroad siding appears to have entered the plant at Lalor between two buildings which are now enhabited by a moving company.

Thanks in advance!

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ron said...

I think there is a reference to Hewitt St, in Bo Belinski's book, Pitching and Wooing with Bo...Bo was at Jr 4 in the early 50s. Ended up with the A's, and later farmed out to Hawaii. Died way too young.