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Thursday, July 29, 2010


From the "HOSPITALS" folder in the Hamilton Library Local History collection, this photo of the building that was to house the old Trenton Othopedic Hospital on Brunswick Avenue, just a short distance from the Battle Monument area.

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Michael said...

The photo of the Orthopedic Hospital revies memories of my traveling there to see my older sister(by 3 years)Hilda who was afflicted with Polio, and was in an Iron Lung, than release with the heavy iron brace on her little leg. She was under the excellent care of Dr. Ernest and his staff of dedicated professionals.
A new 2 story hospital was built in the 1930's, on the coner diagnally across from Blakely Laundry.
Who among us remember having the "Polio" scare of the late 1940's, when most of kids were "Protected" by the small old tabacco bag of Camfor balls around our necks? With my sister's affliction, Mom Kuzma made sure we wore our "protection" until the scare subsided. Remember the March of dimes collection at all the movie houses?