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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


There is so much the history books haven't told us. It is my search for those hidden bits and pieces of history that resulted in this local history blog. The above real estate ads show that Symmes Hutchinson was selling off his Homedell Farm property for some 18 years. During that time, there was a Hutchinson School preceding the Homedell School, a Friendship School on the Cedar Lane hill, and of course, the large Hutchinson farm which still bears an identity to the area with today's Hutchinson Street off of Cedar Lane. Still unknown, and hopefully to be discovered as I seek out little know local history, is the establishment of the numerous cemeteries on the Hutchinson site. Thus far I have found that Bernadine Avenue was named for Father Bernadine of Our Lady of Lourdes-Immaculate Conception Church, which must certainly tie into the establishment of Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery on the Hutchinson Farm site. And so the search goes on.

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