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Thursday, June 03, 2010


Mill Hill is one of the more fascinating neighborhoods in Trenton. The area has a magnificent history. I have been delving deeply into my newspapers looking for historic material on the area. The narrow streets and the intimacy of the buildings lend a somehow "old town" essence to the area. As time permits, I will check a few of my "Fitzgerald" Trenton City Directories to see if I can approximate the dates of the commercial buildings in the photo.


Mack said...

Hi Tom:)
My connection to Mill Hill is when
I worked for the Board of Social Services (in the old Sears building) in the early 1980s.
Mill Hill Park was nice. The Mill
Hill Saloon (Joe's Mill Hill Saloon
back then) had great burgers and
pitchers of Michelob and live Jazz
(saw Cedric Jensen Trio there),
Felix's Deli a few stores down
from the Mill Hill Saloon had outstanding Hoagies and nice folks
running the place. I remember the
newspaper stand by that cool looking bank building. My Dad
Ed MacNicoll served on the Historic
Commission and was part of getting
those cool old fashioned lights
and sidewalks in Mill Hill:)

Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom.....I seem to recall the time that Mayor Art Holland moved to that section. He probably felt it would help that area redevelop. It was just one more thing that he did in his efforts to help the city. Best Regards.