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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every time I read or hear some wise derriere make a negative assault my home state of New Jersey, I do a slow boil. Years ago, the Secaucus area of New Jersey had a reputation for the odorous environment from refuse from factories, etc. With the arrival of the environmentalists, that problem was solved a number of years back. However the aforementioned dunderheads get their cheap laughs by constantly pinning a negative image on a state that has countless wonderful attractions. We are, and have been known as "the Garden State." Even as Florida and California are noted for oranges, lemons, and citrus fruit, Idaho, for the potato, Washington state for apples, so too is Jersey noted for the much desired and revered Jersey tomato. Visitor John Mullen is typical of those who are no longer living in New Jersey, but maintained his taste for the best tomato in the world. Likewise there are those who crave a "Tasty Kake," fresh Taylor Pork Roll, and in my case, an ice cold bottle of yesterday's Kern's cream soda.


JoeZ said...

Tom and John: Being a Central Florida resident for over 20 years, I agree the tomatoes are non-tasty down here, I crave a good Jersey Beefsteak tomato. Here's another gripe, Georgia is right above us and I can't even get a Georgia Peach, they are all from South America in the stores here. At least Pork Roll is here.

Mack said...

Amen to this Tom:)

I can see the NFL commentators now
calling us New York when the superbowl is played here in 2014.
The clueless think Jersey is awful,
we who live here know better:)

Tom Glover said...

You guys are fonts of wisdom.


West End Sal said...

More from another font. Along with the tomatoes, NJ has the best corn in the world and the only place I can get fresh lima beans. The season is so short in NE that no one grows them. As long as Geo. and I get "home'' before the end of Oct., we can get fresh limas at the farmers market. My local market stopped selling Tastykate butterscotch krimpets (that I grew up on) and of course we don't have Taylor pork roll. We load up on our visits and share the wealth with family.