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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The writings at the top of this graphic were scanned in from a brown with age clipping in my scrapbook. I can't seem to place the source nor the date when I wrote it. However, it details the events surrounding a reunion those Tornadoes had and supports my stand that the Greatest Generation was and is alive and well. The lower graphic is a repeat of a former post on this blog.


Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom.....1937 would have been my senior class, I had to leave to help out at home since my father was out of work. You mention the Meehan twins, Harry and Harold. They lived on Revere Ave. next to the corner store at Roebling and Revere. We were close friends during my Villa Park days, that corner store was the meeting place for the guys. I think they had a younger brother, Donald. Regards.

Tom Glover said...

Harold was a good friend of mine. He worked with me at the bearing company after he left Wiley Hughes Supply Company. His wife, Pat became a religious fanatic. Harold was a pack a day cigarette smoker.