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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


So little is known of this treasure which once reposed on land bounded by Greenwood, Connecticut and South Logan Avenue along the Trenton-Hamilton border. In its day it was the focal point of many citizens who came out to the suburbs on those hot summer inner-city days to partake of the many rides, and to watch a movie, or listen to a concert. The area in which Woodlawn Park was once located is now the location of Greenwood Village, and the homes along Massachusetts, Atlantic and Connecticut Avenues.


Anonymous said...

Question TOm: Was the pool built at the same time as the rides or did it come later?
Lakeside Girl

Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom....As a kid, I remember the Park well. I recall my sister entered a Black Bottom dance contest and also the big promotion when Ted Lewis and his Orchestra appeared there. I believe the pool was part of the Park from the beginning. Best Regards.

omad644 said...

The pool sure brings memories to me. It was my first job at 14 yrs old. Girl's locker room assistant and then junior life guard. I got in free anytime I wanted and when I got off in the afternoon my boyfriend, Lou Costanza, used to come over from the Burg to swim with me. The two lifeguards were the Alexander twins (their dad had pharmacy in town). They were swimming stars at Trenton High and the nicest guys you could ever meet. They gave me the courage to dive off the high board, even though my first dive ended with a major belly whopper.

Tom Glover said...

Eleanor (Lakeside Girl). No, Woodlawn pool opened in 1923, a few years after the opening of the park. It was then known by the strange name of a "Natotorium."