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Saturday, June 26, 2010

1909 (Circa 1909) "Main Street" Yardville N.J,

Ok all you Yardville historians, help me with this one. Gary Lippincott, Don Whiteley, Lakeside Girl, and indeed, all you folks who are more familiar with "Main Street," Yardville, which one would assume is South Broad Street, (but not necessarily!") I have scanned this at 600 dpi in order to put you in the middle of that dirt road. I have also had to segregate the right side of the photo and lighten it. The original is in the dark. Check out the old horseless carriage along the curb as a horse-drawn vehicle goes by. This is an extremely rare postcard photo of early 20th century Yardville, So go ahead, take a leisurely walk up Main Street in Yardville!


Mack said...

Hi Tom:)
Some nice clarity to this picture.
I can see someone standing in front
of the first house and someone on its porch. With all these wires, the question pops in my head when did folks get electric and phone for their homes.

Gary Lippincott said...

I see by the "Road Apples" that some people still had horses. My mother was born in Groveville in 1921, she remembers coming home from school and they had an elecric light, so that would mean that Groveille got Electric some time after 1926, that might place some time on the photo

Lloyd Tasker said...

Tom, it looks to me like the house on the left might be what is now called Kim's Broad Street Bark. he smaller house on the left looks identical to the one standing across from Kim's next to the parking lot for the bagel place.

I could be wrong, but if you look on Google maps they look very similar.

Lloyd Tasker said...

I meant to say that the smaller house is on the right next to the parking lot.

Tom Glover said...

Thanks Lloyd, Gary and Mack. I will be checking out the aerial map on BING and looking for the site Lloyd mentioned. Gary, you are a card-carrying "country boy!" I hadn't heard the term "road apples" since I was a kid. We also called cow stuff "meadow pies;" remember?

Lloyd, I haven't had the opportunity to post the florist photos you sent. I will get to them. Very very busy at the present time.


Gary said...

Lloyd is exactly right, I took a copy of the photo and parked on Broad Street and compared the window placement and the roof lines, some have changed but not that much. This photo was taken if you were standing inthe middle of Broad Street in front of Bagels And Beyond, looking towards Lakeside. Tom, tell Lloyd what he's won.