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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



There are a number of little "itches" that plague those of us who are researching history. For me, one of them is the actual location of the Anderson General store. It is known that it was on Mercerville's "five points" at Nottingham Way, Quaker Bridge Road, White Horse-Mercerville Road, and Edinburg Road. However, there have been conflicting statements given to me over the years as to just where it was at that intersection. According to the current Hamilton Township history book published by the Historical Society of Hamilton Township, the store was located on the southwest corner of Nottingham Way at five points, opposite Bill's Olde Tavern. Once again, I have scanned this detailed photo in so that you can visit that old store....maybe even pick up a pack of "Sweet Caporal" cigarettes, or a bottle of "Lydia Pinkham's" for the little lady of the house.

An aside: Going bare foot as you see by the boys in this 1907photo, was a common occurrence in years gone by. Even back in the 1930's and 40's, we were often running around the neighborhood barefooted. (and boy did it hurt when we stepped on one of those straw colored burrs that grew along the path!)


Anonymous said...

Anderson's was right next door to Gropps Tavern. I went to school with Eleanor Anderson...

J. Hance said...

Between Anderson's and Gropps Tavern, there was a lunch counter/ice cream parlor which was removed in the early 6o's. On the other side was Gropp's Hardware.