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Friday, June 25, 2010

1900: (Circa 1900) J.S. Wyckoff & Son Carriages

For well over 50 years, I have had a consuming interest in local history. All of these years as I have piled on historic bits and pieces, interesting newspaper articles and photos, and countless other local history memorabilia, I remain completely enchanted with old photos of local interest. The incredibly clear photo above in its original form is in a fast fading sepia specimen. Through the miracle of digital software enhancing procedures, these old photos can be brought back to pristine condition, as you can see by the exquisite photo of J.S. Wyckoff& Sons carriage factory. For those of us who love to use a bit of our imagination, I have scanned this incredibly clear photo in high definition in order to allow those visitors who are interested in those old horse and carriage years to enlarge the photo and plant yourself in the Wyckoff yard with all of his workers and carriages. The signs hanging on the wall on the left for "Perline" has been enhanced, as has the sign over to the right by the main building where the man in the white shirt stands. That sign was selected and scanned at an extreme high rate. It reads, "Dr. Daniels' Horse and Cattle Medicine." This carriage shop was located at South Stockton and Front Street in downtown Trenton.
This photo was generously donated by Ms. Amy Brand.

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