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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Whoa; referring to the article above: Wouldn't the ACLU have a ball with that one!
Many of my fellow senior citizens from a more conservative era in America, still look on in complete amazement as we look upon the changes that have taken place in America's moral attitudes and the resulting tear in our social fabric. A "culture war" rages in 21st century America. Indeed we have transformed ourselves into a "permissive society." America's social fabric is stretching to the
limit. I would suggest that this "enlightened" age came about in the early 60's when nearly all social values were re-established by the more socially liberal members of society. Today's motion picture industry, the print media, and the media in general have capitalized on that moral shift, and as a result we are seeing graphic scenes that in my generation were left to the imagination. One wonders whatever happened to the Catholic "Legion of Decency" which flagged those motion pictures which were obscene, objectionable, or unacceptable viewing. "We've come a long way, baby!" as that Virginia Slims ad use to tell us. Our grandchildren, like Pavlov's dogs, are being spoon-fed ideas and notions that were completely taboo to those of us who grew up in an "un-enlightened" society. God help us.

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