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Saturday, May 22, 2010


If General George Washington hadn't rode through the hamlet of White Horse way back in the 1700's, giving the village the name White Horse, chances are we would be calling that Hamilton area McGalliardville. Here's an article I wrote many years ago retelling the events surrounding the 75th birthday of Will McGalliard. I have inserted a clearer photo of the McGalliard log cabin at the bottom of the article. You are looking at the property across White Horse-Mercerville Road* with McGalliard Avenue on the left. It is reminiscences such as that from Mr. Dick Johnson that add so much to the historic background of Hamilton. Unfortunately, too few people take the time to share their experiences.

*Thanks to an anonymous visitor for correcting the above address. I erroneously placed the location as White Horse-Hamilton Square Road.
(Another of my senior moments.)

December 4. 2014: Thanks to Ms. Eleanor Guear for noting that the above graphic was missing and is not back where it was posted originally.

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Anonymous said...

Tom - I think that it's White Horse Mercerville Road, not White Horse Hamilton Square Road.
Lakeside Girl