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Saturday, May 29, 2010

1937: A PERMANENT WAVE, 1937

I don't know how the lady could endure the discomfort of all those wires attached to her hair. One wonders if there is enough "play" in all those wires to allow for a hearty sneeze!


Omad said...

Sure brings back memories. As a kid my mom took me to the shop 2 doors away from our restaurant when I was about 6 or 7 to get my hair cut. I saw those machines and almost ran out the door. Mom was a beautician in that shop when she met my dad in the family restaurant. The rest is history. Still look scary to me now.

SJBill said...

I wonder if Mildred is related to Wiley Storaci, who is now a restauranteur.

Back in the early 30s, there was a series of bombings of "beauty shops," done by more unsavory elements of Burg culture. My grandmother was the victim of one of these bombings, as she lived above one of the shops at 808 S. Clinton.

She died soon afterwards, in her early 30s, leaving three very young kids.

Bob Stockton said...

I wonder if this is frank Storaci's mother? Frank was a schoolmate of mine at Hun in the '50s.