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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


All right, youngsters, gather around. I'm gonna tell you about one of the many hi tech appliances we had when I was a boy. It was called an ICE BOX. Why? Because a block of ice was stored in it to keep our perishables cool; no electric cord, no electric motor, no refrigerant and compressor. Naturally, ice melts, and the the water that accumulated in the lower part of the had to be dumped regularly. Every few days, the Ice Man came around in his horse drawn carriage, took out his steel ice tongs, and carried a 25 or 50 pound block of ice to our kitchen ice box. If it was a hot summer day, he would even let us kids pick up the ice chips from the floor of his carriage. What a cooling treat on a hot summer day. Ahh, the memories!

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Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom: I have to mention what we used in the winter time to keep things cold in those days. We put a box outside the window called a window box, which was fine as long as the weather was cold. It got a little chilly inside everytime we used it but we endured. The icemen did a booming business in the summer and sold coal for the furnace in the winter. Regards.