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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ralph Lucarella has been a regular visitor to this blog since its inception in 2005. His input is a very welcome addition to the historical material which is posted. Ralph's experiences and the many contemporaries with whom he grew up provide a very interesting look into the Hamilton-Trenton area. Did you know Ralph was also a very active and successful athlete back in his younger years? The post above shows that he was also quite able to hold his own at bat with a .500 batting average in 7 games played in the City Twilight Baseball League. I am currently looking through the 1930's newspapers, Ralph, and I will be sure to post any other material I find; all in keeping with my pledge to bring our visitors "local history with a personal touch."


Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom: Thanks a lot for the article in the Times. Some people thought I was a pretty good player in my youth. One of them was Jake Miller, manager of the Schroths in 1936. He selected me as one of his players among all the kids in the city who tried out. Latter on the Legion formed a league and the winner represented the city. I think it was because Trenton was winning every year and the legion felt it was'nt fair to the other cities. I'm glad my grand kids can see that their old grand pop was a pretty good ball player. Thanks again.

Tom Glover said...

Very good, Ralph. I will be looking for other material that you can use for your scrapbook. I have my own personal scrapbook but at the present my kids and grandchildren are busy living their lives and have little interest in things past. When they get older they will ask the same question I ask myself hundreds of times over: "Why didn't I ask my mom and dad to tell me about their young years?" It's a common problem all over. More on Ralph Lucarella to come; stay tuned.

Mack said...

Ralph is the best and a magnificent
source of memories and reflections.

Ralph Lucarella said...

I would like to add that my younger brother, Chuck, carried on our name with the 1948 Schroths, when they won the American Legion World Series in 1948 at Indianoplis. We were there when Bus Saidt got all excited as Chuck stole home in the first inning. Thanks again for your kind words.

Ralph Lucarella said...

I would also like to add, the team above includes Sam Plumeri, who was quite an influencial person in latter years and produced the professional team now playing at the new stadium.