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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1937: Donald Benedetti

In keeping with my goal of providing "Local History With A Personal Touch," I present herewith a photo of young Don Benedetti. I suspect that Don is related to one of my regular friends and visitors, Carlo Benedetti, a vintage "Burg" resident and current proprietor of the fabled Olden Pharmacy on South Olden Avenue in Hamilton. Carlo, I hope this is a relative, and if so, it will make a worthy addition to the family photo album.


Carlo said...

Hi Tom, No, Don is not a relative but I do recall a Benedetti family living around the corner from us on Chestnut Ave. Over the years I have been asked time and again if I was related to this Benedetti or that one, but I am not. My father's only brother returned to Italy so the only Benedetti's here are myself, my son Carlo and grandsons Michael and Daniel. The Benedetti surname is very common in Umbria(central Italy) and Rome and there are quite a few Benedetti's in the Trenton area. On my first trip to Italy many years ago I was astounded to see page after page of Benedetti's in the Rome telephone directory. It seems as common there as Smith and Jones here in America! At any rate thanks for thinking of me and
keep up the good work....always
interesting and informative!

Mack said...

I have a picture of a Pietro Benedetti from Trenton from the 1920s. Got it off a passport.
What was your Dad and Dads brothers

Carlo said...

My Dad was Amedeo and his brother Giuseppe.