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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


How I do love these old photos of various areas of Trenton and the surrounding area which show the way things looked way back in my Mom and Dad's years. This now digitized photo has been reposing in my "TRENTON-VIEWS OF" folder for nigh on to 24 years. It now sees the bright lights of the year 2010, 80 years later!


SJBill said...

I must have walked by that intersection thousands of times. Tell Mack this is what the intersection looked like before Wawa was built. ;-) I think the Weinberg's building was standing into the late 70s or maybe later.

Across Beatty St, you can see Leigh Frizzell's Men's Shop. I always stopped and shopped there to get one of those "Ties" or a pair of cufflinks for Dad on his birthday.

Down S. Broad a ways you can see the what was the old Army-Navy store at the triangular building at Cass St. Across fro that is the tall brick police sub-station on the right.

Across from Frizzell's is the still standing Hub City Liquors.
Across from Weinberg's is where Sydney Sanders remodeled the buiding and made his soda shop and luncheonette - one of the nicest in the city.

The trolley car tracks were long gone before my era.

Ralph Lucarella said...

I agree with everything that Bill said except I can remember the trolleys and their tracks that gave me a headache everytime I rode them. And down the street was the R.K.O. Broad with Spike Rices's Bar across the street.

JoeZ said...

SJBill and Ralph, you have described every building to a tee. I also spent so much time there. My grandmother lived on Home Ave a few blocks down. Always picked up a cap at Frizell's for the winter, had coffee with the guys as Sander's and played pinball at Rice's Hole-In-The-Wall.

Mack said...

Hi Gang:)
Also here in my Burg day was
Broadway Record Center, Pacific
Aplliances with their groovy lettering along the building on its
cass street side.