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Monday, April 05, 2010


I see my former boss, Ed Gainsborg in the photo, along with Bill Disbrow, whose brother George worked with me and the aforementioned boss at Trenton Bearing Co. back in the 1950's. Also in the photo is Lloyd Ruch, who went on to be the founder of Ruch's Tire establishment on North Olden Avenue Extension in Ewing.

Unfortunately, there are pathetically few visitors to this site who are over the age of 70. Equally unfortunate is the fact that those in that generation would find much of the posts on this site to be "historic treasures," as one old timer who took the time to learn how to surf the web put it in one of my guest book entries. However, we must learn to live with the fact that these newfangled computers are too difficult to learn for some, and focus on the fact that what is being preserved here will be available for future scholars and others who are interested in our local historical heritage.

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